Competition Announcement of Premio Internazionale Prospettiva Danza Prize 2019 – X Edition

Municipality of Padua Culture and Tourism Council

Choreographic residency project – Padua

The Municipality of Padua Culture and Tourism Council, in collaboration with Arteven Regional Circuit, announces the 10th Prospettiva Danza Prize 2019, directed by Laura Pulin, in the context of Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2019.

Who can participate

May participate to the artistic project choreographers aged 18-40 at the time of application.

How to participate

In order to compete, the candidate must fill in the application on and send with Wetransfer not later than 15th March 2019:

  1. a detailed, comprehensive description of the project;
  2. the curriculum vitae of the choreographer and of all the artistic collaborators (not younger than
    18 years old);
  3. all the materials that he/she considers relevant for an in-depth assessment;
  4. a minimum 15 minutes video of the choreography in process and eventually previously produced choreographies.

Incomplete documentation will not be admitted.

It’s possible to submit project that have been performed publicly out of Veneto region or in progress at the time of publication of this competition announcement. In victory, the project must
be developed into a full evening show (minimum 50 minutes) performed for the first time in Veneto region during the 2019 Festival. The eight finalists must produce a certificate of good health.

Judging panel

The preliminary selection judging panel will consist of choreographers, artistic directors, theatre directors and experts in the field whose judgement will be final and incontestable. The judging panel reserves the right to request a Skype interview with candidates. The members of the judging panel will be communicated on

Assessment criteria

The judging panel will assess the following elements:

  • originality of the choreographic idea
  • artistic experience and curriculum
  • artistic development potential of the routine presented


  • Preliminary selection of eight choreographers
  • Nomination of winning choreographer
  • Prize-giving and choreographic residency

will be made according to the documentation and material received.

The judging panel will select 8 finalists who will be in Padua on 1 and 2 April 2019 for a live exhibition in front of the judging panel at the G. Verdi Municipal Theatre Sala del Ridotto. The 8 finalists will receive a 200,00 (two-thousand) Euros refund as partial covering of costs. Supporting documentation for expenditure must be sent to The
project must be a contemporary dance choreography of minimum 15 minutes and with a maximum duration of 25 minutes, performed by a group between 2 and 5 dancers. The result of preliminary selection with the names of the 8 finalist choreographers will be published on by 20th March 2018. There will be no personal communication. Publication on the website constitutes valid notification to all intents and purposes.

The judging panel will carry out the evaluation of the 8 choreographies on April 1st according to a schedule agreed with choreographers in accordance with technical needs. On the morning of April 2nd the finalists will meet the judging panel for a short interview at the end of which the panel will select only 4 routines. The four choreographies will be performed in front of Prospettiva Danza Teatro audience from 9 pm.

During the show the winner will be nominated.

Prospettiva Danza Prize 2019, which consists in:

  • 5.000 (five thousand) Euros pre-tax
  • a week of choreographic residency in Padua in a period which will be agreed with him
  • a performance during Prospettiva Danza Teatro 2020 that will be provided of a lump sum refund of 800,00 Euros pre-tax.

During the evening show a choreographer will be nominated and awarded with the Creativamente Prize which consist in 2.000 (two thousand) Euros pre-tax.

General Rules

By signing the application the participant gives the organiser consent to use sent materials in any way it deems suitable for promotional purposes only. The organiser will decide on operational details not covered in these regulations.


For further queries or concerns:
0039 347 7523160